Figures updated to June 2019 10 years.

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1.-Latin America
• Premiums and Growth
• Share of Premium Market by country
• Premiums (% All Branches): Historical Figures and by Country
• Annual Growth Premiums Bouquet vs. All the bouquets
• Growth 2018-2019 Premiums by Country
• Weighted Average Growth 2010-2019 Premiums by Country
• Premiums (% GDP): Historical Figures and By Country
• Premiums (% Agricultural GDP): By Country
• Accident and Technical Result: Historical Figures
• Loss of the Premium Earned by Country
• Gross Accident by Country
• Technical Result (% Total Premiums) by Country
• Net Combined Index: Historical and Country Figures
• Gross Combined Index: Historical and Country Figures
•% Assignment Premium: Historical Figures and By Country
• Herfindahl index by country
• Regional Ranking Premiums 40 Individual Companies
• Regional Participation 10 First Individual Companies
• Regional Ranking Premiums 40 Companies, Grouping International Subsidiaries
• Regional Participation 10 First Companies, Grouping International Subsidiaries
• Global, Local and Regional Evolution: Historical and Country Figures
• Information Available per branch
• Relevant Insurance Data
Additional graphics Agricultural Insurance
• Distribution of Areas MM hectares
• Insured surface vs. Cultivated (MM hectares)
• Cultivated Area (Insured. Uninsured) (MM hectares)
• Issued Premiums / Insured Sum Agricultural Insurance
• Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing (% GDP)
• Agro Subsidies / Premiums

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay

3.-Exchange Rate By Country


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