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Why becoming a member?

We asked this to some of our associated members, and this is what they told us:

  • Because by being members we reinforce and expand knowledge about Crop insurance, through Seminars, Symposiums, Courses, Conferences and Annual Congresses. These instances facilitate the establishment of commercial relationships and the identification of strategic clients.
  • Because it is the only Latin-American association which gathers and represents, by its Directive Board, insurers and reinsurers investing in agriculture.
  • It allows access to the community of agricultural producers, insurers, underwriting agencies, loos adjusters, clerks, scientists specialized on agriculture, weather and data managements, government officials, agriculture and livestock ministries and insurance superintendences, as well as specialized reinsurers on the agricultural and livestock sector.
  • The association establishes narrow links with peer associations in other regions of the world, which allows it to have feedback of trends in other continents and the collaboration of experts in markets, other than the Latin-American.
  • It allows all its members to obtain an identity in a permanent way and with a leading role in the Latin-American market and also worldwide in crops insurance.
What benefits do I get for being a member?
  • Differentiated subscription Feed to the Association Biannual Congress for employees of the member company.
  • Information and knowledge exchange among organizations, entities and public and international companies.
  • Access to documentation about courses, seminars, congresses, etc. Offered by ALASA and/or those associations or organizations with which we have agreements (IICA, AIAG, National Governments, etc.).
  • Generate associations with the most relevant insurers of Latin America, Europe and the world, narrowing the links with its different representatives.
  • Legitimize the presence or your insurance company in the agricultural sector in different parts of the world.